Marina Tarunina

Research Director
Plasticell Ltd
Philipp Nold
Dr. Marina Tarunina, research director at Plasticell Ltd, is an experienced scientist with a broad knowledge across different aspects of stem cell therapy development and commercialisation. She plays a major role in driving internal R&D and external scientific collaborations on stem cell technologies. She joined Plasticell 12 years ago and was involved in the development of Plasticells main technological platform CombiCult and its multiple applications in different areas of stem cell biology. Prior to joining Plasticell she worked as senior scientist at Inpharmatica Ltd focusing on drug discovery in the therapeutic area of metabolic diseases. Her academic career includes postdoctoral fellowships at Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and Marie Curie Research Institute where she conducted research on tumour suppressors and senescence.


October 29 2019, 11:50
 - 12:20
Developing Optimal Stem Cell Expansion And Directed Diff erentiation Protocols For Regenerative Medicine And Drug Discovery
October 29 2019, 16:50
 - 17:20
Applications Of Combinatorial Culture Technology