Lisa Mohamet

Scientific Director & Fellow, Functional Genomics
Lisa Mohamet
Lisa is a Scientific Group Leader within GSKs Drug Design & Selection division. She joined GSK in 2017 to lead a team delivering advanced cellular platforms to support GSKs early discovery efforts. Lisa is passionate about the application of cutting-edge technologies, which include induced pluripotent stem cell models, complex 3D culture systems and gene editing to accelerate the discovery of novel and effective therapeutics. Prior to joining GSK, Lisa was a Research Fellow at The University of Manchester and has over 10 years expertise in human stem cell and reproductive biology. Lisa was awarded a Royal Society of Edinburgh/BBSRC Enterprise fellowship to help translate her research findings, and subsequently co-founded StrataStem, an innovative spin-out research biotech company, utilizing stem cell technology to identify effective therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease. Lisa was named as one of BioBeats’ ‘Rising Stars’ of the top 50 UK women entrepreneurs and leaders in biobusiness in 2016.


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