Gabriela Kozejova

Senior Scientist
Philipp Nold
Gabriela Kozejova is a Senior Scientist in Cellular Technologies group within the Protein & Cellular Sciences department at GSK in Stevenage. Since joining GSK in 2014, her focus has been on generation and validation of clonal tool cell lines expressing a variety of genes encoding antigens, ion channels and reporter systems in a range of mammalian cell lines to support both, small molecule and biopharmaceutical programs. Gabriela has a strong background in generation and characterisation of producer CHO and HEK cell lines for antibody generation. To improve a production and a quality of their cell lines, she worked with her team to implement a new technology of a single cell printing linked to a whole well imaging. Gabriela studied Applied Biology at the Slovak University of Agriculture and Biomedicine at University of London where she focused on investigation of cell lipid rafts and their function.


October 29 2019, 11:50
 - 12:20
How To Be Good At Being Single: Evaluation Of VIPS Single Cell Printer For Generation Of Stable Cell Lines