David Wright

Technical Specialist – Microscopy
Reading Scientific Services Ltd
Philipp Nold
David Wright as physicist/material scientist is technical lead within the microscopy department at RSSL which comprises around twenty scientists from a diverse range of scientific disciplines who combine various microscopy and analytical techniques to aid manufacturers in solving contamination and product formulation issues. David’s own expertise is diverse. His interest in microscopy originated from the need, in his early research career to relate the mechanical behaviour of connective tissues to their structure and the physical properties of the proteinacious components that comprise these biological materials. He developed a range of bespoke microscope mounted mechanical devices in order to test such materials and their components. In his later research career David applied electron microscopy and physicochemical techniques extensively to characterize biomaterials he has synthesized himself for hard tissue replacement well as those developed by industrial partners as delivery vehicles for vaccines. He has put this academic experience to commercial use in problem solving across the food and pharmaceutical industry sectors.


October 29 2019, 14:50
 - 15:20
Combating Particulate Contamination In Biologics