Itai Benhar

Tel Aviv University
Itai Benhar
Itai Benhar—Full Professor, at the School of Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology, Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Prof. Benhar received in 1992 a PhD in Molecular Biology from the Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical School Jerusalem, Israel. Between 1992-1995, Prof. Benhar did his post-doctoral fellowship at the National Cancer Institute, NIH, working with Dr. Ira Pastan on recombinant immunotoxins. In 1995, Prof. Benhar joined the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology of the George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences as a tenure-track assistant professor. Prof. Benhar received tenure at 2002, became an associate professor in 2005 and a full professor in 2008. Between 2007 to 2011 Prof. Benhar served as the Department Chairman. From 2012-2015 Prof. Benhar served as the Director of the Laura Schwarz-Kipp Institute for Biotechnology at Tel-Aviv University and between 2014-2018 Prof. Benhar served as Vice Dean for research at the George S. wise Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel-Aviv University. Prof. Benhar is an expert in the field of antibody engineering, drug discovery and drug delivery with over the 23 years of being active in these fields as a PI. Research in Prof. Benhar’s group if currently focused on three major topics: 1) evaluation of novel formats of bispecific antibodies and of antibody-toxin fusion proteins as potential anti-cancer agents. 2) Antibody discovery for treating cancer, allergy and inflammation. 3) Targeted nanomedicines.


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