Helen Harrison

Group Leader
Bicycle Therapeutics
Helen Harrison
Helen Harrison is Group Leader for Assay Biology at Bicycle Therapeutics. Helen joined Bicycle Therapeutics in its infancy, almost 10 years ago and has conceived, developed and optimised a wide array of assays used across the company portfolio against a diverse range of targets including enzymes, protein-protein interactions and GPCRs. In her current role, Helen is responsible for managing the Assay Biology group who provide assay support throughout Discovery and Lead Optimisation. This work has encompassed soluble and cell-based targets involved in a wide range of therapeutic areas including oncology, respiratory, inflammatory, cardiovascular, ophthalmology, neurodegeneration and anti-infectives. Prior to joining Bicycle, she completed her first degree in Medical Sciences at the University of Leeds and a Masters in Science via the Open University while working as part of the assay team at Paradigm Therapeutics (later Takeda Cambridge), working mainly on developing cell-based assays for screening small molecules against GPCR targets.


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