Ciarán Cronin

Associate Research Fellow, Head Parallel Protein Production Group, & Group Leader Gene-to-Structure
Ciarán Cronin
Dr Ciarán N. Cronin is Associate Research Fellow at Pfizer’s La Jolla campus in San Diego, California, and heads the Parallel Protein Production Group (PPPG). The PPPG Group is part of Pfizer’s Global Chemistry line and is responsible for protein expression construct screening and scale-up for all fit-for-purpose protein reagents required to support Pfizer’s small molecule oncology drug discovery pipeline. The Group also has responsibilities for gene-to-structure efforts on a number of in-house structure-based drug design (SBDD) projects. Dr Cronin joined Pfizer in 2004 from Syrrx Inc., where he was Associate Director of Molecular Biology and Protein Chemistry. Prior to Syrrx, Dr Cronin was an Assistant Research Biochemist at the University of California San Francisco (1995-2001) and held Senior Scientist positions with Bioresearch Ireland (1992-1994), Biotrin Research, Ireland (1990-1992), and Qlone Ltd., Australia (1988-1989). Dr Cronin received both his Ph.D. and his primary honors degree in Biochemistry from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.


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