Wolfgang Breitwieser

Head of Molecular Biology Core
CRUK Manchester Institute
Wolfgang is a molecular biologist with a PhD obtained at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg. He undertook postdoctoral research at the Cancer Research UK London Institute and at the CRUK Manchester Institute. My research centred on intracellular signalling pathways and their diverse roles in cancer. Wolfgang’s specific focus was on MAP kinase regulated transcription factors of the AP1 family by studying their functions in development and tumour induction. In 2007 he became Associate Scientist in the Cell Regulation Department headed by Prof Nic Jones. His work and that of my group has demonstrated important tumour regulating properties of these pathways and has led to a number of high- profile publications. In 2015, Wolfgang made a career change when he became the Head of the Institute’s Molecular Biology Core Facility, a service department providing a range of high throughput, and in particular, NGS applications. In 2018, he additionally became Head of the Institute’s Computational Biology Support Team, with responsibilities for the processing and analysis of NGS data sets originating from the Core Service and for providing bio-statistical support to research projects.


November 7 2019, 18:20
 - 18:50
Comparison And Benchmarking Of High Throughput Methodologies For Single Cell RNA Sequencing

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