Markus Hilscher

Senior Researcher
Markus Hilscher currently works at the Science for Life Laboratory in Sweden. He uses In situ sequencing to study the genetic architecture of nervous tissue. Markus has a PhD in Neuroscience, focusing on the electrophysiological and morphological characterization of neurons as well as the functional output of local neural circuits when manipulating their cells. His current research tries to link transcriptomic profiles to cell types to better understand cell type diversity and the spatial organization of cells in the brain. Markus has also experience in the pharma industry where he used genomic approaches to identify new drug targets for the treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders. His studies on the developing or diseased brain thus incorporate spatial transcriptomic approaches to better understand how spatially resolved omics technologies could help to advance our knowledge of different brain stages and disorders.


November 7 2019, 16:50
 - 17:20
Spatial Cell Atlases Using In Situ Sequencing
November 7 2019, 17:20
 - 17:50
Spatial Cell Atlases Using In Situ Sequencing

Live Webinar

Higher Quality Nucleic Acid Extraction from FFPE Tissue & Other Challenging Samples Using the Ionicâ„¢ Purification System

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Wednesday 27th May
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