Jane Wilkinson

Senior Director, Broad Genomics Alliance Management
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Jane Wilkinson - Broad Institute
Jane has over 25 years of high-throughput genomics experience from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Genome Center, UK where she was an early leader on the Human Genome Project and at Monsanto Company, USA where she led a new directive in plant genomics.  Jane has been at the Broad Institute for seventeen years and has worked on various initiatives including the Mouse Genome Project, Cancer, Mendelian, Infectious and Common Diseases.


November 7 2019, 11:50
 - 12:20
Genomic Biomarker Challenges From A Single Sample To Large Clinical Studies

Webinar Recording

FluidFM: a new approach
to CRISPR gene editing

hosted by Dr. Paul Monnier, Field Application Scientist
& Dr. Maria Milla, Life Sciences Application Scientist