David Öling

Senior Scientist
David is a Senior Scientist at the department of Discovery Biology - AstraZeneca, Sweden. Before joining AstraZeneca, he completed his MSc and PhD at University of Gothenburg working on protein quality control pathways implicated in cellular aging and rejuvenation. David stayed as a staff scientist for a short period after completing his PhD where he worked on a project investigating molecular chaperones in protein folding disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. He joined Astrazeneca as a postdoc in 2015 where he built variant libraries and developed screening tools for protein engineering projects. Currently, David works on setting up an automated pipeline for DNA fragment assembly to generate protein variants (and reagents) in order to facilitate the “gene to structure” workflow in drug discovery.


November 8 2019, 16:30
 - 17:00
Large Scale Synthetic Site Saturation GPCR Libraries In Discovery Biology

Live Webinar

Higher Quality Nucleic Acid Extraction from FFPE Tissue & Other Challenging Samples Using the Ionic™ Purification System

hosted by Klint Rose, Chief Scientific Officer, Purigen Biosystems

Wednesday 27th May
16:00 BST