Upcoming Cell Events

3D Cell Culture Symposium

02 December 2021 |

Online: GMT (UTC+0)

02 December 2021

Online: GMT (UTC+0)

Incorporating key trends and innovative technologies to accelerate the adoption of 3D models in preclinical research via advanced development, validation and application strategies.

Cell Therapy Analytics Symposium

02 March 2022 |

Online: GMT (UTC+0)

02 March 2022

Online: GMT (UTC+0)

Gene Therapy Development & Manufacturing: In-Person

June 2022 |

London, UK

June 2022

London, UK

Engage in scientific discussions on the latest tools and technologies for advancing cell therapy analytical development.

Cell UK: In-Person

October 2022 |

London, UK

October 2022

London, UK

3D Cell Culture Symposium

01 December 2022 |

Online GMT (UTC+0)

01 December 2022

Online GMT (UTC+0)

More Information Coming Soon

Upcoming Discussion Groups

Our monthly Discussion Groups are hosted by a panel of leading industry experts who explore some of the key issues facing the successful development and manufacture of cell-based products today.

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Cell Line Engineering

Taking place December 2021

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Reports and write-ups pertaining to previous Discussion Groups are available in our Insights section.

Previous Discussion Groups

The question of how best to advance technological strategies for viral vector-based gene therapy is an increasingly prevalent and important one. Our first-ever Cell series discussion group aims to delve into the challenges and opportunities of viral vector manufacturing and delivery. This live session brings together experts to look at the latest developments in the field for an hour of a discussion on design and purification techniques, immunogenicity concerns, and characterisation.

Panel Discussion: Bridging The Gap In the Manufacturing Viral Vectors and Viral Vector Based Gene Therapy

  • Designing viral vector delivery to elicit same process
  • Increase yield of viral vectors
    • Purification techniques
  • Immunogenicity concerns
  • Characterisation of viral vectors


John Moscariello, Executive Director Viral Vector and Gene Editing Process Development, Bristol Myers Squibb


Blair Madison, Senior Director, Genetic Engineering, Poseida Therapeutics

Francesca Vitelli, VP, Cell Therapy and AAV Process Development, Intellia Therapeutics

Kyle Grant, Director of Vector Production, Voyager Therapeutics

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