04 September 2020 | BST (UTC+1)
Virtual Workshop:
Digital Biomarkers
04 September 2020 | BST (UTC+1)

Hear from the leading figures in the digital biomarkers and Alzheimer’s disease field and benefit from in-depth discussion of how digital biomarkers can be utilised in neuroscience and clinical development 

The interactive workshop provides an in-depth look at digital biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease, bringing together stakeholders from leading academic, charitable and biotech organisations specialising in neurodegenerative disorders. 

It includes 3-hours of action-packed live presentations and discussions from industry experts. 

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Agenda at a Glance

How Technology Can Redefine The Clinical Trial Pipeline: Alzheimer’s Disease As A Use Case

Effective treatments for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) have remained largely elusive, likely in part, because of the etiological heterogeneity that suggests multiple treatment pathways. The vast majority of AD clinical studies remain centered on using peer-defined methods that lead to collecting the same data in the same way, analyzing the data in the same way and not surprisingly, finding essentially the same results. Technological advances provide an opportunity to break out of this repetitive cycle of failure and do so by reducing costs, compressing timelines and accelerating innovation and discovery. While thematically centered on AD, this panel illuminates key areas in the clinical trial pipeline that could be transformed and is applicable for numerous chronic disease states.

Confirmed Speakers

The Workshop brings together a panel of prominent leaders and scientists, sharing new case studies, innovative data and industry outlook.

Rhoda-Au 1

Rhoda Au

Boston University School of Medicine

Michael Geer

Michael Geer

Humanity, UK 


Carol Routledge

Alzheimer’s Research UK

john kelley

John Kelley


Event Features​

Networking & knowledge-sharing is at the heart of what we do. Alongside the focussed programme, attendees can make the most of participation through interacting with other attendees. 

Virtual Presentations

Benefit from the insight of our expert speakers via live presentations

Live Q&As

Interact with fellow attendees and speakers during the live Q&As at the end of presentations

Panel Discussion

Connect with registrants from around the world to debate the use of digital biomarkers within clinical trials