13 April 2021 | Online: BST (UTC+1)
Organoid Discovery Symposium13 April 2021 | Online: BST (UTC+1)
Advancing understanding of organ function ex vivo to drive
innovation in drug discovery and development.

The programme brings together world leaders from international pharmaceutical organisations and leading biotechnology companies as well as globally active regulatory agencies to discuss the latest in organoid discovery. 

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The Organoid Discovery Symposium includes...

Attendees representing global pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotech companies and internationally renowned academic and healthcare institutions working within organoid discovery 

  • Spearhead discovery and emerging applications for Organ-on-a-Chip, Tissue and 3D culture platforms 
  • Propel forward understanding of how these technologies can aid drug screening, hit identification and lead optimisation strategies
  • Optimisation of target & phenotypic-based discovery
  • Gain insight into the development of 3D miniaturised assays including evaluation of targeted drug delivery and acceleration of the drug development process  

Agenda at a Glance

  • Innovative applications of Organ-on-a-Chip platforms in drug discovery: Gut-on-a-Chip, Liver-on-a-Chip, Lung-on-a-Chip, Nerve-on-a-Chip 
  • Tissue and 3D culture platforms in drug development 
  • Phenotypic and high content screening of 3D-model systems and organoids 
  • Emerging organoid models: Cancer-derived organoids 
  • Future of 3D-cell based screening methods, high content screening and data management 
  • Animal & disease modelling: Diseases-on-a-Chip, Cancer-on-a-Chip, Metastasis-on-a-Chip 
  • 3D-printing of microfluidics structures and other biologically-active structures
  • Microfluidics/Lab-on-a-Chip (LOAC) technologies for constructing Organ-on-a-Chip/Tissue-on-a-Chip/Body-on-a-Chip

Confirmed Speakers

The Symposium brings together a panel of prominent leaders, engineers and scientists sharing new case studies, innovative data and industry outlook for the future

Below were some of the speakers of 2020’s Discovery Series: Virtual

brinton seashore ludlow

Brinton Seashore Ludlow

Karolinska Institute and SciLifeLab


Daniel Labarbera

Skaggs School Of Pharmacy And Pharmaceutical Sciences, University Of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Hansjuergen Volkmer

Hansjuergen Volkmer

NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen

Lutz Mueller

Lutz Mueller

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Innovation Center Basel 


Ravindra Peravali

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Sylvia Boj

Sylvia Boj

Hubrecht Organoid Technology 

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Networking and knowledge-sharing is at the heart of what we do. Alongside the innovative programme, attendees can engage in a variety of event features and make the most of participation in a range of virtual, remote experiences. 

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Interact with fellow attendees and speakers during the live Q&As at the end of each presentation

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Crown Bioscience, a JSR Life Sciences company, is a global drug discovery and development services company providing translational platforms to advance oncology, immunology, inflammation, and metabolic disease research. Our biomarker discovery, validation, and assay services help our clients to successfully advance their preclinical and clinical therapeutic candidates.

Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB)

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HUB was founded by the Hubrecht Institute, the University Medical Center Utrecht, and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). HUB’s technology constitutes a paradigm-shifting platform for drug discovery and development, (pre)clinical patient stratification, predictive diagnostics, personalized medicine, clinical trials, regenerative medicine, and companion diagnostics.

HUB exploits the pioneering work of Prof. Dr. Hans Clevers, who discovered the HUB Organoid Technology methods how to grow ‘mini-organs’ – organoids – from epithelial tissue derived adult stem cells.

HUB is the global leader in Organoid Technology with over 150 patents and many more patent applications that provide broad coverage for its Organoid Technology across twenty different jurisdictions worldwide. HUB offers licenses to its proprietary Organoid Technology and provides (pre)clinical and clinical trial services, research and development collaborations, predictive diagnostics, and access to its ‘living organoid biobanks’.

Molecular Devices

Thought Leader

With over 30 years’ experience, we are one of the world’s leading providers of high-content imaging (HCI) and high-content screening (HCS) solutions, ranging from basic automated digital microscopy to advanced high-throughput confocal imaging for phenotypic screening of complex 3D models and organoids.   

Our recently launched ImageXpress Confocal HT.ai High-Content Imaging System utilizes a seven-channel laser light source with eight imaging channels to enable highly multiplexed assays while maintaining highthroughput by using shortened exposure times. Water immersion objectives improve image resolution and minimize aberrations, so scientists can see deeper into thick samples.  

For a fully end-to-end solution, our imaging systems are also supported by powerful high-content image acquisition and analysis software.  MetaXpress and IN Carta™ software simplifies workflows for advanced phenotypic classification and 3D image analysis with machine learning capabilities and an intuitive user interfaceOrganoids can be characterized for diameter, volume, shape, intensity of specific marker, or distance to other objects. 

The Organoid Discovery Symposium has now concluded.

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