25 May 2021 | Online: BST (UTC+1)
Oncolytic Viruses Symposium25 May 2021 | Online: BST (UTC+1)

The latest data & strategies impacting the development of oncolytic viruses, from virus engineering and biomarker development through to navigating clinical trials

The programme brings together international pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotech companies and globally renowned academic institutions specialising in the development of oncolytic viruses

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Full details on the Symposium including the presentations, topic areas and confirmed speakers will be released in the conference brochure in the coming weeks

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Oncolytic Viruses Symposium
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Benefits to Attending...

  • Hear from and meet with the leading figures in the oncolytic virus field, offering innovative case studies on the latest strategies from discovery through to the clinic
  • Interact with fellow attendees and speakers during the live Q&As, taking place across the day and through our interactive panel discussion on ‘The challenges for oncolytic virus therapies in clinical trials’
  • Explore how companies are accelerating oncolytic viruses to the clinic. Presentations consider the best strategies, including combination virotherapies, likely to succeed in the clinic and deliver maximum patient benefit
  • Gain insights into how oncolytic viruses can trigger an immune response in the body against cancer, with consideration of the mechanistics of viruses, tumour biology and the tumour microenvironment
  • View new platforms to tackle key challenges facing oncolytic virus therapies, including immune response, tumour resistance and gene selection

Agenda at a Glance

Morning Session:
Engineering & Translational Strategies To Develop Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy

  • Mechanistic understanding of viruses and tumour biology
  • Engineering and optimization strategies to improve delivery, oncolysis and specificity of therapies
  • Preclinical validation to ensure efficacy of therapies before clinical trials
  • Targeting the tumour microenvironment
  • Understanding the importance of therapeutic gene selection

Afternoon Session:
Accelerating Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy To The Clinic

  • Challenges of safety and immune response to therapies in clinical trials
  • Combination virotherapy strategies to enhance therapeutic results
  • Delivering oncolytic viruses into solid tumours
  • Developing biomarkers for therapies in clinical trials
  • Selection of the best route of administration for immunotherapies in clinical trials

Confirmed Speakers

The online Symposium brings together a panel of prominent leaders and scientists, sharing new case studies, innovative data and industry perspectives.

Romain Micol

Romain Micol

Combined Therapeutics

Inanç Ortaç, DevaCell

Inanç Ortaç

DevaCell Inc.

Lorena Lerner, Oncorus

Lorena Lerner


Patrik Erlmann ViraTherapeutics GmbH

Patrik Erlmann

ViraTherapeutics GmbH

Victor Cervera-Carrascon, Tilt Biotherapeutics

Víctor Cervera Carrascón

TILT Biotherapeutics

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