Virtual Symposium:
CTCs & Liquid Biopsies
09 March 2021 | GMT (UTC+0)

An intensive one-day meeting on how CTCs and Liquid biopsies can impact biomarker research and precision medicine. With liquid biopsies receiving tremendous attention, our symposium will bring together leading companies to discuss how they can transform cancer diagnosis and become a standard tool in clinical oncology

The programme brings together international pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotech companies and globally renowned academic institutions specialising in CTCs & Liquid Biopsies

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Full details on the Symposium including the presentations, topic areas and confirmed speakers will be released in the conference brochure in the coming weeks

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Virtual Symposium:
CTCs & Liquid Biopsies

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The Virtual Symposium: CTCs & Liquid Biopsies includes...

Attendees representing global pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions working within CTCs & Liquid Biopsies.

  • Hear from and meet with the leading figures in the liquid biopsy field, offering innovative case studies on the latest applications of CTCs in precision medicine and the clinic
  • Interact with fellow attendees and speakers during the live Q&As, taking place at the end of each presentation and through our interactive panel discussion on ‘Applying Liquid Biopsies in the Clinic to accelerate drug development’
  • Explore how companies are accelerating liquid biopsies to the clinic. Presentations consider developing clear standards for biofluid biomarkers, maximising patient benefit and improving standard of care
  • Gain insights into the development of CTCs, with analysis of strategies for isolating and analysing CTCs and cFNAs, alongside extracellular vesicles

Agenda at a Glance

Morning Session:
Developing CTCs & Liquid Biopsies To Advance Precision Medicine

  • Isolating & analyzing CTCs and cFNAs
  • Exploring extracellular vesicles
  • Liquid biopsy platforms for early detection and diagnosis
  • Application of liquid biopsy testing in personalized healthcare testing
  • Biofluid-based molecular biomarkers: ctDNA and CTCs

Afternoon Session:
Improving Clinical Applications Of Liquid Biopsies

  • The role of genomic markers in clinical pharmacology
  • Translating liquid biopsies into clinical practice
  • Applying liquid biopsies in the clinic to accelerate drug development
  • Liquid biopsy adoption to advance standard of care

This event is part of the Biomarkers Series alongside our UK & USA events

Confirmed Speakers

The Symposium brings together a panel of prominent leaders and scientists, sharing new case studies, innovative data and industry outlook.

Mattias Bergqvist, Biovica

Mattias Bergqvist


Anguraj Sadanandam, ICR

Anguraj Sadanandam

The Institute of Cancer Research, London

Evi Lianidou

Evi Lianidou

University of Athens

Mike Makrigiorgos

Mike Makrigiorgos

Harvard Medical School

Dave Hoon, John Wayne Cancer Institute

Dave Hoon

John Wayne Cancer Institute

bernhard michael polzer

Bernhard Michael-Polzer

Fraunhofer-Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine

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