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Pre-Event Webinars

April 2023 | London, UK

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Upcoming NextGen Omics Series Webinars

Single-Cell Spatial Phenotyping: Setting the Pace of Discovery Biology

Thursday 17 March 15:30 GMT (UTC+0)

Presented by
Oliver Braubach, Ph.D., Head of Applications, Akoya Biosciences Inc.

Spatial context is essential to understanding how cells organize and interact within the tissue microenvironment to drive disease progression and response to therapy. Spatial phenotyping, enabled by multiplex imaging, reveals these spatial relationships and interactions by imaging whole tissue sections with single-cell resolution. Now, with advances in spatial biology technologies, this can be achieved at speed enabling researchers to go from sample to data in 24 hours.

This webinar will describe a comprehensive spatial phenotyping framework that captures the continuum of needs across discovery, translational and clinical research. Key applications in biomarker discovery such as identifying cells in-situ, discovering novel or rare-cell phenotypes, and mapping cellular neighborhoods (distinct tissue substructures) will be presented and new technologies that enable rapid whole-slide imaging to drive unbiased discovery will be introduced.

  • Understand the critical role of spatial phenotyping in biomarker research from discovery through to clinical research.
  • Hear case studies in key spatial phenotyping applications in biomarker discovery.
  • Learn how the new PhenoCycler-Fusion System with unprecedented speed, enables rapid whole-slide imaging to drive unbiased discovery. 

Oliver Braubach received his doctorate from Dalhousie University in 2011. He then completed postdoctoral appointments at Yale and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology. During this time, he used state-of-the-art optical imaging and optogenetic technologies to investigate the structure and function of the brain. Oliver’s most recent academic appointment was at Cedars-Sinai where he conducted research in line with his background in optical imaging. It was during this time that Oliver started to use the PhenoCycler Instrument (formerly CODEX®) and that he decided to pursue his interest in highly-multiplexed imaging by joining Akoya. As Head of the Applications Team, he has been pushing our PhenoCycler™ and PhenoImager™ (formerly Phenoptics™) technologies into new scientific frontiers.

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