RNA Therapeutics & Delivery US:
June 2023 | Boston, USA

Gain invaluable insights into the latest formulation, clinical development & delivery of RNA therapeutics. Key opinion leaders will be addressing novel mRNA structures, therapeutic case studies and RNA delivery beyond the liver.

Across four in-depth sessions the latest improvements pushing the industry forward will be addressed: from RNA biochemistry, brain delivery for oligo therapies through to RNA as a tool for vaccines & different approaches to finding and drugging RNAs. Stay at the forefront of the growing interest in this area and hear case studies from the applications of RNAs in therapeutics and delivery challenges & future opportunities.  


Benefits of attending RNA Therapeutics & Delivery US: In-Person...

  • 350+ attendees & 35+ presentations 
  • A two-day event packed with leading speakers, research and cutting-edge presentations on the latest innovations in RNA formulation & clinical development: presentations will delve into RNA structure therapeutics, novel RNA structures & biochemistry updates 
  • Discover collaborative solutions to RNA therapeutic discovery & modalities. Discuss the latest advancements in mRNA vaccines, developing oligo / antisense therapies & exosomes for the advanced delivery of RNA modalities  
  • Experience case studies from RNA therapeutics with discussions pertaining to going beyond a current mRNA therapeutics: developing the next wave  
  • Join us for interactive panel discussions, roundtables & a workshop with like-minded experts on Developing Next Gen mRNA Therapies: Novel Structures, Safety & Immunogenicity’; ‘Embracing The Power Of RNA Vaccines’; ‘RNA Chemistry Optimisation’; ‘Brain Delivery For Oligo Therapies and many more! 

Agenda at a Glance

Day One

• Nanoparticles/liposomes/exosomes
• Increasing immunogenicity & prediction
• Overcoming challenges in mRNA characterization
• Analytical development
• Stability & CMC
• Raw materials

• Using mRNA as drugs:
     – mRNA Therapeutics
     – mRNA Vaccines

• Silencing
     – siRNA
     – Antisense

• Editing and Repair
     – Therapeutic mRNA Editing
       » BASE mRNA Editing
       » Splice Skipping-Modulation
     – RNA Guided Genome Editing (CRISPR-Cas9)

• RNA as drug targets:
      – Novel RNA drug discovery tools
      » Overcoming challenges in rapid drug discovery of RNAs
      » Optimization of RNA-targeting compounds
      » Target selection
      » PKPD

Day Two 

• Latest developments in RNA delivery agents
• Alternative routes & alternative tissue targeting
• Delivering self-replicating RNAs
• Overcoming key challenges in delivering RNA to target cells
• Nano and lipid-based drug delivery methods
• Polymer delivery
• Viral vectors, delivery conjugates
• RNA interference & antisense technologies

• Therapeutic case studies:
     – Cardiovascular diseases
     – Infectious diseases
     – Kidney diseases
     – Rare Diseases

• RNA in vaccine and Covid-19 research & development

Key Speakers

The 2023 event again brings together a panel of prominent leaders and scientists, sharing new case studies, innovative data and industry outlook.

Below were some of the confirmed speakers for RNA Therapeutics & Delivery US: In-Person 2022

Executive Director & Head Emerging Science Genetics
Associate Scientific Director
Expansion Therapeutics
Head of Virology and Vaccine Discovery
Head of mRNA Sciences, mRNA Center of Excellence
Sanofi Pasteur
Founder & Director of Molecular Biology
Orna Therapeutics
Vice President, Medicinal Chemistry
Stroke Therapeutics

Event Features​

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