Roland Heym

Team Leader, Molecular and Imaging Biomarker, Neuroscience Discovery
Nina E. Weisser
As Senior Scientist in Neuroscience Discovery at AbbVie Germany, Dr. Roland Heym is responsible for the development of biomarker assays on different immunoassay and mass spectrometry platforms. His research focuses on the identification and biological validation of target engagement, pharmacodynamic, or disease-associated biomarkers for AD, PD, and MS. The aim of this work is to translate observed biomarker changes from tissues to fluids and from preclinical animal models to humans to ultimately evaluate target engagement and efficacy in clinical trials. Dr. Roland Heym is a Molecular Biotechnologist by training and obtained his doctoral degree from the LMU Munich in 2012 for his investigations on the structure and function of an active mRNA transport complex. Since 2012 he works on Neuroscience drug and biomarker discovery projects at AbbVie as researcher, team and project lead.


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