Philip Lienau

Senior Research PK Scientist
Bayer AG
Nina E. Weisser
Dr. Philip Lienau is a Senior scientist (Research DMPK Project Lead & Laboratory Head) in the department of Research Pharmacokinetics, DMPK in Drug Discovery, Pharmaceuticals at Bayer AG. Dr. Lienau studied Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Freiburg, Germany, and received his PhD from the University in Greifswald in 2003 on `the impact of pharmaceutical formulations on the oral bioavailability of lipophilic drugs. He then joined the field of industrial DMPK research and is currently responsible for high throughput metabolic stability testing of all SMOLs at the Berlin site including the prediction of human PK based on in vitro / in vivo extrapolation (IVIVE). In addition, Dr. Lienau acts as Research DMPK Project Lead from Bayers early Oncology portfolio, and has led the DMPK of ~20 projects entering the preclinical phase of lead optimization and eight clinical candidates.


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