Matthias Rarey

University of Hamburg / Center for Bioinformatics
Nina E. Weisser
Matthias Rarey is a full professor for Bioinformatics at the Universitt Hamburg. Matthias is heading the research group for Computational Molecular Design at the Center for Bioinformatics. Together with his group he developed various computatational approaches in the area of cheminformatics, molecular visualization, and structure-based molecular design, several of which have gained international recognition, e.g. FlexX. Feature Trees, PoseView, SMARTSeditor, Mona, Protoss and HYDE. Matthias is co-founder of the cheminformatics company BioSolveIT GmbH located in Sankt Augustin, Germany. Since 2014, he is associate editor of the ACS Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling.


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