Matthias Brock

Group Leader Pharmacology
Nina E. Weisser
Dr Matthias Brock (PhD) joined Numab in 2016 as a group leader in pharmacology. In his role at Numab he is responsible for the development of pharmacological methods in drug discovery as well as the pharmacodynamic characterization of antibody fragment lead candidates and multi-specific antibody formats. Before joining Numab, Matthias did a post-doctoral fellowship at the University Hospital Zurich where he worked on the role of non-coding RNAs in pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases. He authored several original articles in leading journals in the field of cardiovascular research and biochemistry (including Circulation Research, European Heart Journal, and The Journal of Biological Chemistry). Matthias holds an MSc in Biochemistry from the University of Leipzig and obtained his PhD in Integrative Molecular Medicine from the University of Zurich in 2012.


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