Lauren Drowley

Director, Head Functional Genomics
Lauren Drowley UCB
Lauren Drowley is the Director of Functional Genomics at UCB Pharma. She received her PhD from University of Pittsburgh focused on stem cell transplantation for myocardial infarct repair and completed a postdoc at AstraZeneca in the UK where she was responsible for developing high content imaging assays with stem/progenitor cell populations for diabetes/obesity indications and examining the role of miRNA in cell differentiation. As an Associate Principal Scientist at AZ, she provided disciplinary scientific leadership on stem cells and regenerative approaches to cardiac repair, including assay development, cell characterization, validation of new modalities and driving key biology in projects. As a Project Leader at AstraZeneca, she led cross-functional teams to progress novel cardiac regeneration project through portfolio while answering key biological questions. In her role as Associate Director at UCB of Molecular Genetics, she was responsible for functional validation activities for targets emerging from the genetics strategy across all therapy areas including Neuroscience and Immunology. In her current role, she leads the team at Element Genomics, where functional genomics are applied across drug discovery projects to enhance target identification and validation as well as improve disease understanding and further develop the technology.


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