Jose A. Martinez Perez

Principal Research Scientist, Discovery Research & Technologies
Eli Lilly
Nina E. Weisser
Dr. Martinez obtained his pH. D. degree from the University of Santiago of Compostela (Spain) in 1994 with a research project focused on Vitamin D analogs for cancer. Thereafter, he enjoyed a stay as a post-doctoral researcher in the Scripps Institute with Professor Reza Ghadiri, where he worked on novel self-replicating peptides and their catalytic networks. Next, Dr. Martinez became a Research Assistant in the University of Basel devising small organic molecules as enzyme mimics. Two years later, he joined Lilly Spain where he has worked as medicinal chemist in a wide variety of projects and diseases. In this regard, he has contributed to two Phase 2 clinical compounds and one marketed drug. Dr. Martinez has a strong interest in the generation of high quality hits and he has broad experience with developing fragment hits into attractive lead like molecules


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