Denise Barrault

Executive Director
Denise Barrault Sqaure Variant
Dr Denise Barrault was appointed Executive Director of NPSC in November 2015. In this position, she implements NPSCs strategy to align with university and industry partners aspirations to deliver benefits to health and the economy. During her PhD, Denise studied insect antibacterial peptides and their role in Onchocerca spp. transmission in Simuliids at IRAD in Cameroon and at the University of Keele. Denise then started her career at Life Technologies as a team leader in the special oligonucleotides production laboratory, where she developed and optimised novel production and purification methods. Denise went on to do postdoctoral studies at the Institute for Immunology and Infection Research (IIIR) at the University of Edinburgh in Andrew Knights laboratory, studying antigen presentation in B cells. Moving back to industry Denise joined Lab901 Ltd., the Scottish based microfluidics and laboratory automation company that developed ScreenTape, when it was a fledgling start-up (Lab901 is now owned by Agilent Technologies). At Lab901, Denise was a Product Manager and was responsible for ensuring that ScreenTape products went from concept to market with the customer in mind. She then joined SULSA as Executive Director in 2010, where she implemented SULSAs strategy across the six member Universities in Scotland. Denise was also responsible for the overall management and promotion of SULSA and established new interactions and collaborations with industry, such as the European Lead Factory and the National Phenotypic Screening Centre. Now reporting to NPSCs Chairman: Prof. Andrew Hopkins, Denise is responsible for the overall management, governance and promotion of NPSC as well as the establishment of new interactions and collaborations with industry.


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