Christophe Blanchetot

Director Discovery
Argenx BVBA
Nina E. Weisser
Christophe Blanchetot studied biology from 1990 to 1995 at the University Pierre & Marie Curie in Paris (France). From 1996 to 2000 he did his PhD study on the regulation and dimerisation of receptor tyrosine phosphatases at the University Utrecht (The Netherlands). After an HSFP fellowship (Human science frontier program) in Montreal (Canada), he obtained a Marie Curie fellowship in Utrecht. During this period Christophe started to work on the discovery of single domain antibodies, resulting in a series of patents and publications. In 2008, Christophe joined argenx at the very start of the company to develop and implement the SIMPLE antibody platform and led several internal and external programs. Currently Director of Discovery at argenx, which became a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a deep pipeline of differentiated antibody-based therapies, he oversees all the antibody discovery activities. His discovery activities spread from target identification, discovery and design of the antibody prototype molecules as well as assessment of novel discovery platform technologies.


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