Upcoming PharmaTec Events

Pharma Manufacturing Europe: Online

01 - 02 December 2021 |


01 - 02 December 2021


Discover the latest technological and strategic innovations in drug product manufacturing, with case studies and technical presentations delivered by leading MSAT experts from around the world.

Pharmaceutical Mobile Robotics Congress: In-Person

23 - 24 February 2022 |

London, UK

23 - 24 February 2022

London, UK

+ Digital Day: 25 February 2022 | Online

Enabling The Development Of Plug and Play Robotics and Advancing Innovation In QC Labs Of The Future, Pharma Logistics & Automation

SmartLabs UK: In-Person

08 - 09 September 2022 |

London, UK

08 - 09 September 2022

London, UK

Paving the way to laboratory digitalisation through automation, robotics and cutting-edge informatics tools & technologies

Pharma Data UK: In-Person

08 - 09 September 2022 |

London, UK

08 - 09 September 2022

London, UK

+ Digital Day: 12 September 2022 | Online

Showcasing success in FAIR data implementation, data analytics in drug discovery, AI/ML technologies, RWE management, data storage & infrastructure, multi-omic data integration and management

Pharma Manufacturing & Automation: Online

15 November 2022 |


15 November 2022


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Upcoming Discussion Groups

Our monthly Discussion Groups are hosted by a panel of leading industry experts who explore some of the key issues facing biologics therapeutics today.

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Vision and Scope Of The Mobile Robotics of Pharmaceutical Factories Of The Future 

Friday 03 December 2021 | 15:00 GMT (UTC+0)

Medical technology requires precision and efficiency. Pharmaceutical factories are increasing using autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to meet these needs. Mobile robotics provide an effective and cost-effective way to boost production and go beyond previous limits. Join our December discussion group to join the conversation with industry leaders and pioneers, learn about the latest market trends and developments, and explore the future of mobile robotics.

Format of the Discussion Group:    

Our discussion groups provide an exclusive opportunity for like-minded experts to debate, discuss and network with 15 – 20 senior-level attendees representing global pharmaceutical companies and are delivered via Zoom. The discussion will last for about 40 minutes. The key topic areas of the discussion include:  

  • Overcoming challenges: what is missing in Pharma logistics, automation and QA/QC labs of the future? 
  • What new technologies are needed? 
  • What constitutes industry proof of concept 
  • Industry expectations – how to achieve the biggest impact? 
  • Return on investment – benchmarking


Moderator:  Mike Ouren, Independent


  • David Wolton, Engineering Technology Lead, Takeda 
  • Carl-Helmut Coulon, Head of Future Manufacturing Concepts, INVITE GmbH

Reports and write-ups pertaining to previous Discussion Groups are available in our Insights section.

Previous Discussion Groups

Increasing volumes of data are pushing the pharmaceutical industry to develop better & more efficient ways of analysing and utilising their datasets. One area that pharma companies are actively delving into is how AI/ML technologies can help overcome these challenges. In addition to this, being a powerful tool, AI/ML can also decrease costand processing time, opening new doors of opportunities through rapidly generated insights. This November, a leading group of data analysts discuss critical factors behind the market’s growth, research priorities, future outlook & how to overcome challenges in this exciting area. 

Part 1: Presentation: Designed Experiments to Explore Sequence and Biophysical Diversity of Monoclonal Antibodies 

Presenter: Joshua Smith, Senior Data Scientist, Just Biotherapeutics

Part 2: Discussion: Improving Data Quality with AI/ML 

  • Data analysis with AI/ML 
  • Data access & datasets & protocols 
  • Advancements of data science in disease indication areas 
  • Designing and Preparing Datasets for AI/ML 


James Black, Insights Engineering Products and People Lead, Roche 

Peter Henstock, AI & Machine Learning Lead, Pfizer 

Biopharma data analytics has seen important advancements over the past few years – connecting different data types across the drug discovery & development continuum, how we can use omics and clinical data, RWD and connecting datasets together for use cases have been major factors along the way. Our Data Analytics Discussion Group brings together key opinion leaders for an hour of discussion taking a deep dive into these areas as well das data assets & infrastructure.

Presentation: Data Analytics: Innovation Opportunities & Challenges For The Biopharma Industry  

Speaker: Lili Peng, Associate Director – External Innovation Data Sciences, Biogen

Panel Discussion: Data Assets & Infrastructure

  • Curation & harmonisation of diverse datasets
    • Data Mesh
    • Organising and structuring an organisation with data
  • Building data as a product
  • From data infrastructure to the cloud
  • Connecting content from data assets to business questions

Moderator: Lili Peng, Associate Director – External Innovation Data Sciences, Biogen


  • Giovanni Dall’Olio, Data Strategy and Design Manager, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Vladimir Anisimov, Principal Data Scientist, Amgen

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