08 - 09 September 2021 | London, UK

Mark McCreary

Biomarker Data Management and Curation Lead (DevSci Informatics)
Mark McCreary
Mark McCreary leads the Data Management and Curation team in Development Sciences Informatics at Genentech, who focus on managing exploratory and high-dimensional biomarker data on behalf of clinical development and translational scientific teams. In his time in the role, he has led efforts to curate legacy and prospective data assets for high-priority therapeutic areas; standardize metadata about samples and assays; and develop streamlined end-to-end data lifecycle workflows from data planning through data processing that yield FAIR data and ultimately enable exciting data analytics. Mark has a strong interest in the intersection between biology, medicine, and computational biology, and has been exposed to multiple research areas. He has been at Genentech since 2015, where he initially focused for ~2.5 years on Bioinformatics efforts on Immunology and Infectious Disease Research efforts. He moved from an analytics role to a data management role as he grew interested in understanding how to more seamlessly prepare and integrate data for analytical use, ultimately being driven by inefficiencies that are often faced by computational scientists when preparing data for analytical activities. Prior to his engagement with Genentech, Mark worked as a Bioinformatics Research Data Analyst at Stanford in Stan Cohen’s laboratory in the Genetics department. His informatics expertise includes gene expression analysis; pathway analysis; application development in R, Perl, JavaScript, and Python; Linux system administration; and data lifecycle management. He holds a Masters in Bioinformatics from RIT.


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