Jennifer McKelvie

Scientific Operations Lead
Cancer Research UK
Jennifer McKelvie
Jennifer joined CRUK’s Therapeutic Discovery Laboratories (CRUK-TDL, formerly CRT-DL) in 2011, completing three years in the Screening and Compound Profiling group developing and running biochemical assays, followed by four years managing informatics across CRUK-TDL. In 2018 Jennifer took up a position on the CRUK-TDL Leadership Team, alongside her role managing CRUK-TDL’s Data and Data infrastructure. Jennifer manages a growing Data team covering Informatics, Bioinformatics, Resource Management, and Analytics, whilst contributing to the management and strategy of CRUK-TDL through her role on the leadership team. During her time at TDL Jennifer has overseen the transformation of CRUK-TDL’s data architecture, and is working to introduce FAIR practises across the organisation.


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