08 - 09 September 2021 | London, UK

Hans Constandt

Hans Constandt
Hans founded ONTOFORCE out of personal necessity: whilst looking for a solution for his youngest son’s learning issues, he was confronted with inaccessible, hard to find and hard to merge data. From this experience sprang the desire to build a technology that can make a difference for patients worldwide. This was the start of DISQOVER, the self-service knowledge discovery platform. Before ONTOFORCE, Hans took up several roles within lifesciences company Eli Lilly, often on the crossroads between R&D and IT. During the early years of his career, he was active in ICT programming and design. Hans holds a master in biotechnology and is a graduate student in bioinformatics, biomathematics and computational biology from Ghent University. He also attended innovation and entrepreneurship programs at the Vlerick Leuven-Gent Management School and MIT and holds an Executive Master of Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences & Health from UMC Utrecht. Hans is a regular speaker at international health conferences.


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