08 - 09 September 2021 | London, UK

Don Van Dyke

Chief Operating Officer
Cloud Pharmaceuticals
Don Van Dyke
Don Van Dyke is Chief Operating Officer at Cloud Pharmaceuticals and has been with the firm since 2014, responsible for all phases of their partnering business. Van Dyke's work at the intersection of biological science and computer science began at startup Bio Image Corporation. The company became the market leader in image-based genomics and proteomics under his leadership as VP sales, VP worldwide marketing and sales, general manager, and CEO. The company merged with another firm and went public on the NASDAQ. He has had executive roles at Molecular Mining Corporation, a life science data mining company and INCOGEN, a Bioinformatics company and has advised more than a dozen start-ups and government agencies. Van Dyke also is an independent adviser for Novasecta, Europe’s unique pharmaceutical consultancy. He has been a keynote speaker at conferences around the world and is a graduate of Duke University.


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