24 - 25 September 2020 | BST (UTC+1)

Michael Rebhan

Senior Investigator
Michael Rebhan
After a PhD on the biology of disease (1996, in Germany), and a postdoc in bioinformatics (at the Weizmann Institute, Israel), he joined industry as a data scientist in AstraZeneca during the early days of omics and ‘big data’ technology (Boston, USA). After some time in a biomedical startup in Germany (2000-2002), he helped to build up biomedical ‘big data’ capabilities in Singapore (2002-2004, Biopolis). 2004 he moved to Basel, Switzerland, to join Novartis as a scientist in research. His focus is on understanding the real world complexity of disease, patient journeys, and Precision Medicine. Currently his focus is on early stages of kidney diseases, co-creating ecosystems around predictive models.


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