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Pre-Event Webinars

April 2023 | London, UK

Presented by expert speakers, our webinars will give you advance insight into topics that will be covered at the event.

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Online Panel Discussion

Data Quality as a Service in R&D labs: Challenges and Opportunities for Digital Lab Assistants

Thursday 6th May 2021 | 3 PM BST / 4 PM CET

Panellists include:
Mike Berke, Director, Research & Automation Technologies, Amgen
Mario Richter, Director, AbbVie
Dr. Célia Gasselin, Marketing Communication Manager, LabTwin

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Most pharmaceutical organizations endeavor to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to turn its rich data resources into strategic assets allowing data-driven decisions. Their main challenge however is to integrate unstructured or incomplete data. Based on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies, digital lab assistants enable scientists to capture seamlessly experiment data together with their context and related metadata. They are therefore in a very good position to help labelling and structuring the captured data, facilitating data integration and processing. 

In this panel discussion, our pharma R&D experts joined by LabTwin’s digital lab assistant will explore:

  • How can pharma R&D meet the challenges of data standardization?
  • At which different stages is data processing needed?
  • How digital lab assistants increase data quality and quantity?
  • How can digital lab assistants be leveraged for data structuration and integration?

Mike Berke, Director, Research & Automation Technologies, Amgen
Mike is the Director of the Research & Automation Technologies (R&AT) group at Amgen. The R&AT group is an internal engineering group that develops novel lab automation devices and integrations, as well as localized software solutions, to include new deep learning models to augment and/or automate decision making in the lab. The R&AT group is distributed across sites in Thousand Oaks, Cambridge, and San Francisco, but supports all Amgen research sites.

Mario Richter, Director, AbbVie
Mario being a biochemistry by training completed his PhD in the area of epigenetics in 2008 before working in a small start up on adult progenitor cells. He then moved on to AbbVie into the regulated bioanalysis area in 2010 leading the reagent supply and samples logistics team where in 2011 he started to work on automation concepts from start to end for the bioanalytical workflow. He is constantly seeking for better ways ultimately allowing scientists to minimize their manual work and maximizing their scientific impact.   

Dr. Célia Gasselin, Marketing Communication Manager, LabTwin
Célia joined LabTwin after several years of experience in international research and science communication. After pursuing a PhD in Neurosciences at the French Institute for Medical Research (INSERM), Célia joined the highly innovative Swiss institution EPFL as a neuroscientist where she performed state-of-the-art in vivo experiments. Here, she was engaged in the full digital transformation of her laboratory with the development and integration of LIMS-ELN and connected devices in her daily routine. It is with a deep passion for empowering science efficiency that she joined LabTwin team in their journey to implement the Lab of the Future.

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