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Genome Editing Webinar

Chemically-Modified Polynucleotides for Inhibiting, Expressing and Repairing Nucleic Acids: Then and Now

Tuesday, 10 March 2020 | 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM GMT

Presented by Tod Woolf, Founder & CEO, ETAGEN Pharma, Inc.

Chemically-modified nucleic acid therapeutic modalities have expanded from the original antisense example in 1978 to an array of promising platforms to treat diseases including antisense, siRNA, mRNA Therapeutics™ and Therapeutic Editing™ of mRNA & DNA. The earliest work on Therapeutic Editing™ of mRNA by base modification from 1995 and mRNA Therapeutics (1997) will be reviewed, along with more recent work on self-delivering RNAi.  In the past several years, third generation chemistries have enabled safe delivery and efficacy in clinical trials of RNA therapeutics.  An overview and examples of how the “toolbox” of nucleotide chemical modifications enables nucleic acid therapeutics will be provided.  Genome editing without programmable nucleases using chemically modified oligonucleotides will also be presented.

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Tod WoolfDr. Woolf and his colleagues in Doug Melton’s laboratory at Harvard were the first to demonstrate the cross-hybridization mechanism of off-target antisense effects mediated by seed sequences in 1991. He coined the term “Therapeutic Editing™” and his group was the first to demonstrate the correction of a mutated sequence by editing in vertebrate cells in 1995.  Dr. Woolf founded and served as CEO of Sequitur (acquired by Invitrogen (now Thermo Fisher) in 2003) where his team developed STEALTH™ RNAi and performed the first studies on chemically modified mRNA Therapeutics™ in 1997.  He co-founded RXi Pharmaceuticals in 2006 where his team developed self-delivering RNAi compounds now in Phase 2 for fibrotic scarring.  Dr. Woolf co-founded the oligonucleotide-directed therapeutic editing company ETAGEN in 2014.

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