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March 2023 | Boston, USA

Community Membership

Members of our Omics Community have access to all Omics events across the year, as well as exclusive networking opportunities, OnDemand Presentations, and much more.

In-Person Pass

Attend in-person to benefit from the full event experience, including all presentations, discussions and face to face networking, alongside full digital access.

The In-Person Pass includes:

Digital Pass

Access the digital programme for selected live broadcast presentations, and a dedicated digital day of presentations, on-demand recordings, discussions, and online networking.

The Digital Pass includes:

*Only available to delegates from Biopharma, Biotech (Drug Developers Only), Pharmaceutical Companies, and academic institutions. We are unable to offer digital passes to representatives of commercial solution/service providers

We produce cutting edge congresses and summits for the Life Sciences Industry, bringing together industry leaders and solution providers at a senior level, creating the opportunity to partner, network and knowledge share.

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