Yacine Bounab

Senior Associate Scientist
Yacine Bounab obtained his PhD degree in Biochemistry in Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany in 2010. After his dissertation, he joined the Department of Immunology at the Pasteur Institute of Paris for his postdoctoral project in immunology and proteomics. The major research interest of his postdoc was to decipher the spatial and temporal dynamics of intracellular signalosomes that form upon Fc receptors engagement in immune cells In 2013, he joined the laboratory of Prof. Andrew Griffiths at ESPCI, Paris to work in the field of droplet microfluidics. Since 2015, Yacine Bounab joined Bioaster Institute Paris as scientific expert in droplet microfluidics, assay miniaturization and technology transfer.


November 7 2019, 18:20
 - 18:50
Dynamic Single-Cell Phenotyping Of Immune Cells

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