Véronique Quillien

Head of the Department of Biology
Stilla Technologies
Dr Véronique Quillien is head of the department of biology at the Centre Eugène Marquis oncology centre (CLCC) and is part of the Oncogenesis Stress Signaling (OSS) lab at the CLCC, University of Rennes 1. Her work focuses specifically on the development/validation of new biomarkers. She has published more than 60 research papers, mainly in the field of neurooncology. Since 2017, she has been interested in the digital PCR (dPCR) technique, a highly sensitive method particularly well-suited for performing liquid biopsies. Her team is developing quantitative assays for the non-invasive detection of cancer biomarkers in blood, including companion tests to select patients able to benefit from a targeted therapy and biomarkers for the monitoring of patients.


November 8 2019, 10:00
 - 10:30
Detection Of PIK3CA Mutations In Plasma ctDNA By Digital PCR For The Selection Of Alpelisib Treatment In Routine Clinical Practice In Advanced Breast Cancer Patients

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Wednesday 27th May
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