Stefano Ceri

Professor Of Database Systems
Politecnico di Milano
He is professor of Database Systems at the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria (DEIB) of Politecnico di Milano. He is author of about 350 publications and of 10 books in English; his H-index is 76. His research work covers four decades (1978-2018) and has been generally concerned with extending database technologies in order to incorporate new features: distribution, object-orientation, rules, streaming data; with the advent of the Web, his research has been targeted towards the engineering of Web-based applications and search systems. More recently, he turned to data science (social analytics) and to genomic computing. He is co-editor in chief (with Mike Carey) of the 20-titles book series "Data Centric Systems and Applications"](Springer-Verlag). He is co-author of 3 US patents. He is the recipient of the ACM-SIGMOD "Edward T. Codd Innovation Award" (New York, June 26, 2013). He is an ACM Fellow and a member of Academia Europaea. In September 2016 he has been awarded his second Advanced Grant on "Data-Driven Genomic Computing (GeCo)"; the project is focused on developing systems for querying and integrating genomic datasets, thereby supporting biological and clinical research. The grant will provide 2.5ME funding over a period of five years (September 2016-August 2021). He is the co-founder of WebRatio (; the has about 60 employees and produces tools and technology-intense applications on Web, mobile and IoT contexts.


November 7 2019, 18:20
 - 18:50
NGS Data Integration

Live Webinar

Higher Quality Nucleic Acid Extraction from FFPE Tissue & Other Challenging Samples Using the Ionic™ Purification System

hosted by Klint Rose, Chief Scientific Officer, Purigen Biosystems

Wednesday 27th May
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