Maurizio Simmaco

Sapienza University - Sant'Andrea Hospital Roma Italy
Maurizio Simmaco M.D. is full professor of Molecular Biology at the Sapienza University of Rome. He is director of Clinical Analysis Biochemistry Unit at Sant'andrea University hospital in Rome. Since 2005 he coordinates the development and use of precision medicine strategies in the clinical setting. Using “-omics sciences” developed a wide range of analytical methods able to detect “molecular signatures” suggestive of specific clinical phenotypes. The advent of cost-effective and consistent technological platform for “-omics” analysis, based on NGS and mass spectrometry, allow his group to characterized both genomic and biochemical metabolic biomarkers. He is involved in software developing for immediate translation of genomic and metabolic data into usable supporting-decision tool for clinical management of oncological, psychiatric and poly-treated patients.


November 8 2019, 17:00
 - 17:30
CANCELLED: Actuation Of Precision Medicine Integrating Genomic And Phenotypic Data By Bioinformatic Tools

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Wednesday 27th May
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