04 - 05 November 2021 | London, UK

Marshall Stark

Professor of Molecular Genetics
Glasgow University
Marshall Stark
Following an early career in organic chemistry, in 1987 I joined the laboratory of Professor David Sherratt in the University of Glasgow to work on the mechanisms and structures of site-specific recombinases. From then on my research has continued on this theme. In the late 1990s my lab created the first ‘designer recombinases’ by linking the catalytic domain of a serine recombinase to a zinc finger DNA-binding domain. We continue to study the mechanisms and structures of this fascinating group of enzymes, and also aim to engineer them for potential applications in biotechnology, synthetic biology and genetic therapy.


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Live Webinar

Higher Quality Nucleic Acid Extraction from FFPE Tissue & Other Challenging Samples Using the Ionic™ Purification System

hosted by Klint Rose, Chief Scientific Officer, Purigen Biosystems

Wednesday 27th May
16:00 BST