Jörg Tost

Head, Laboratory for Epigenetics and Environment
Centre National de Recherche en Genomique Humain (CNRGH)
Jörg Tost received his PhD in genetics from the University of Saarbrücken (Germany) in 2004 devising novel methods for the analysis of haplotypes and DNA methylation patterns. After a postdoctoral stay in the technology development department of the Centre National de Génotypage (CNG, Evry, France), he led the Epigenetics groups from 2006-2012, before becoming Director of Laboratory for Epigenetics and Environment at the National Centre for Research on Human Genomics (part of the CEA-Institut de Biologie Francois Jacob). The laboratory is involved in the development and application of technologies to analyse DNA methylation, miRNAs and other epigenetic modifications quantitatively at high resolution at target loci and genome-wide using state-of-the-art sequencing technologies as well as the development of bioinformatic tools for the processing of such data. A second research axis investigates novel technologies for the analysis of mutations of clinical relevance present at very low proportions in the analyzed samples and their impact on treatment management. For this purpose, the laboratory has developed the E-ice-COLD-PCR technology. Jörg Tost (H-index 42) is author or co-author of more than 163 publications of which 143 have appeared in Medline-listed journals, and is the editor of the 2nd and 3rd Edition of “DNA methylation protocols” and 2nd edition of “Pyrosequencing protocols” in the Methods of Molecular Biology series (2009, 2015, 2018) and senior editor of the journal “Epigenomics”.


November 7 2019, 11:50
 - 12:20
Integration And Comparison Between Digital PCR And Enriched ICE-COLD-PCR For Mutation Enrichment
November 7 2019, 17:50
 - 18:20
Discussion Workshop Circulating Tumour DNA Analysis: Moving Towards Precision Oncology

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