Constance Vennin

Scientist. Institute of Physiological Chemistry & German Resilience Center (DRZ) GmbH
University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Constance Vennin is a research scientist in Pr Beat Lutz’s group at the Deutsches Resilienz Zentrum (DRZ) gGmbH in Mainz, Germany. During her PhD, in France, she deciphered mechanisms of non-coding RNA in breast tumor. However, she was facing the issue of tumor heterogeneity. So, she decided to learn more about the power of single-cell analysis. Therefore, she moved to her current position. By using single-cell RNA-seq in the mouse model, she is identifying neuronal subpopulations and transcriptional network involved in resilience and non-resilient behavior. She is not only revealing distinct neuronal subpopulations but also uncovering how these subpopulations behave differently in resilient and non-resilient animals in response to chronic social defeat stress.


November 8 2019, 17:00
 - 17:30
Identification Of Neural Subpopulations And Transcriptional Networks Underlying Stress Resilience

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Higher Quality Nucleic Acid Extraction from FFPE Tissue & Other Challenging Samples Using the Ionic™ Purification System

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Wednesday 27th May
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