: Genome Editing

Genome Editing

09 - 10 November 2022 | London, UK
+ Digital Day: 11 November 2022 | Online
8th Annual Genome Editing Congress09 - 10 November 2022, London, UK
+ Digital Day: 11 November 2022 | Online

With gene editing tools becoming advanced enough to realise therapeutic potential, decision-makers working in academia and pharma are looking to consolidate their techniques to facilitate disease modelling, drug development and clinical studies.

This Year's Event Includes...

Over 500 attendees representing internationally renowned academic institutions, research institutes and hospitals as well as global pharmaceutical organisations and leading biotech companies.

Over 30 case studies, presentations, panel discussions focused on the key issues in advanced genome editing technologies, utilizing gene editing in drug discovery & development and therapeutics case studies from the areas of cystic fibrosis, neurodegenerative diseases and immunological and congenital disorders.

Supported digitally on our fully featured online event platform, with selected presentations available to watch on-demand and extensive networking features

PLUS interactive opportunities including:

  • Panel Discussions
  • Pre-Event Webinars
  • Pre-Event Speaker Q&As and Spotlights

Agenda at a Glance

Day One

  • Advancements in genome editing tools 
  • New technologies including transposons as tools for genome editing, prime editors, and base editing 
  • Developing novel Cas systems 
  • Workshop: Therapeutic Applications of Genome Editing for Bioproduction: Specificity and Safety Considerations 

Day Two

  • In vivo genome editing as a therapeutics approach in pharma 
  • Target identification & validation 
  • Implementing gene editing systems for drug screening and development 
  • Gene-edited cell therapy 
  • T-Cell engineering using CRISPR-Cas and TALENs 

Digital Day

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