: Digital PCR

Digital PCR

04 - 05 November 2021 | London, UK
+ Digital Day: 08 November 2021 | Online
3rd Annual Digital PCR Congress04 - 05 November 2021, London
+ Digital Day: 08 November 2021 | Online

Our inaugural congress presents a range of innovations and opportunities to advance the integration of digital PCR with NGS, Genome Editing and novel digital PCR systems.

This Year's Event Includes...

Over 800 attendees representing internationally renowned academic institutions, research institutes and hospitals as well as global pharmaceutical organisations and leading biotech companies.

Over 20 case studies, presentations, panel discussions focused on the key issues in integrating digital PCR with NGS, genome editing and novel digital PCR systems and their application of dPCR in oncology and infectious disease research.

Supported digitally on our fully featured online event platform, with selected presentations available to watch on-demand and extensive networking features

PLUS interactive opportunities including:

  • Panel Discussions
  • Pre-Event Webinars
  • Pre-Event Speaker Q&As and Spotlights

Agenda at a Glance

Day One

  • Integration of digital technologies with NGS, genome editing and novel DPCR systems
  • Quality control of digital PCR assays and platforms
  • Analysis of different digital platforms, including enriched ICE-COLD-PCR, for clinical diagnostics, monitoring and detection
  • Digital PCR in cancer liquid biopsy
  • Digital PCR to measure and accommodate pre-analytical variability in cfDNA samples

Day Two

  • Assessing potential in personalised medicine and targeted drug monitoring
  • Droplet digital PCR technology used to monitor the effectiveness of several immunotherapies
  • Patient follow up in oncology
  • Bringing digital PCR into clinical and pre-clinical use for infectious disease diagnosis
  • Use of droplet digital PCR for non-invasive prenatal diagnostics
  • Revised guidelines for digital PCR applications in precision medicine and synthetic biology
  • Using dPCR to detect infectious diseases including coronaviruses

Digital Day