The NextGen Omics UK Young Investigator Awards are intended to honour an outstanding individual performance for a scientific work by a PhD student or early career scientist (Post Doc)

NextGen Omics UK Young Investigator Awards

The NextGen Omics UK Young Investigator Awards honour the early career scientist with the best presentation at the NextGen Omics Series UK.

Four early career scientists will be honoured with the best poster presentation at the NextGen Omics Series UK in the following categories:

NGS & Clinical Diagnostics

Single Cell

Genome Editing

Digital PCR

If you are eligible and interested, please submit your abstract submission via our online application form

Full Details

  • Student (PhD) or early career scientist (Post Doc) under 35 years of age. Proof must be provided via an active student ID card or a copy of his/her status.
  • Applicants must be the first AND presenting author of the submitted paper and register for the meeting by 15th October 2020.
  • ONLY ONE YIA submission per person will be accepted. If authors submit multiple abstracts for consideration for the YIA, only one abstract will be taken into consideration for the YIA.

Applicants must follow the procedure as follows:

  1. Submit an abstract by 15th October 2020 and indicate the participation in the YIA on the online abstract submission form*
  2. Register for the annual meeting by 15th October 2020. Registration fee of £150 (+VAT if applicable) applies.
  3. Prepare the poster abstract and upload your poster
  4. The 4 winners (one for each category) will be officially announced on 4th November
  5. The winner’s oral presentations (pre-recorded) will be featured in on-demand section of the auditorium from 5th November

The platform or poster presentation will be evaluated by senior scientists on the basis of originality of the approach; quality of the work (e.g. appropriate methodology, interpretation of results, conclusiveness); quality of the presentation (e.g. clarity, response to questions); and self-reliance and independence.
All participants will receive comments after the annual meeting via email.

The 4 winners will be announced on the 4th November. The award includes £200 Amazon voucher, £800 contribution towards the charity of your choice and a free admission to the 2021 event.

We will send your Amazon voucher to you via email and will be in touch regarding your charity contribution and free admission to the 2021 event.

For further information contact

Live Webinar

Genomic Testing Strategies For Research Through To Clinical Studies: Profiling Of Genomics From NeoGenomics' Perspective

As genomic technologies develop and mature, adoption moves from the research environment into the clinical setting.  Previously, where Sanger and qPCR were the most rational choices to commercialize a diagnostic, NGS has become the biomarker testing methodology of choice.  Additionally, other emerging technologies and platforms like NanoString are finding their way into clinical trials as well as routine diagnostics.  With advances in technology, biomarker testing strategies have also evolved with a trend toward higher order multiplexed technologies as well as cross modality testing from a single sample to understand correlations between DNA, RNA and protein markers.  More data may be over burdensome to analyze, while a focused assay may miss an opportunity for collecting potentially valuable data.  Without a straightforward “rule of thumb” for which genomics technology to use when, thoughtful consultation is required.  This presentation will discuss the various factors and consideration points for choosing a genomic biomarker testing strategy to support biomarker projects.

Presented by James Yen, Senior Scientific Manager, CDx Programs, NeoGenomics

Thursday, 25 June 2020 | 15:30 BST