Oxford Global exists to connect leaders and practicing communities in Life Sciences. Now more than ever, we feel it’s vital to continue to offer platforms and spaces where people can communicate, collaborate and build research & business opportunity​

In 2020, we will be hosting Virtual Conferences, enabling a wider global audience to connect, providing access to key industry members, abundant educational & knowledge sharing resources and cutting-edge insights vital to helping the sector grow and adapt during these uncertain times

Oxford Global’s Virtual Event platform has been designed and developed to offer an immersive conference experience, delivering all the benefits of a live in-person event at the touch of a button

Access all presentations, networking areas and the exhibitor hall from the Event Lobby

The Lobby will also showcase announcements and our dedicated assistance/support team, all designed to ensure you enjoy a fully-realised event experience

Build your user profile and interact with other attendees via instant live chat, internal message your personal social wall.

Your profile also allows you to:

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  • Intergrate Linked In, Facebook and Twitter
  • Make use of your own ‘Event Bag’ for downloading content

The In-Person event programme will be replicated through a mixture of on-demand and live-featured presentations in the Virtual Auditorium.

With 40+ presentations to choose from and bonus ‘virtual event’ speakers, the conference offers a wealth of viewing opportunity & educational content

See who is live at the event and interact in real time, or send direct messages to any registered attendee.

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Exhibitor booths are fully featured spaces for product demo’s, live interactions and 1-2-1 meeting scheduling.

Each booth comes complete with a host of features including;

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  • Meeting appointment system – with Video chat 
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Passes to the 2020 Virtual event are available in two tiers – Free Access or Full Access.

*Free passes are only available to industry R&D or academia.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the virtual event, please contact us here.

The Full Access Pass comes with many exclusive benefits to help you get the most from the event

Virtual Attendance of the event is available in Free* and Full packages




Access to 10-15 live presentations and discussions

Access to the online platform

2 Days

7 Days

Access to all on-demand content (70+ presentations)

Ability to download all content

Access to conference documentation

(workbook, poster displays, etc.)

*Free passes are only available to industry R&D or academia.

Live Webinar

Genomic Testing Strategies For Research Through To Clinical Studies: Profiling Of Genomics From NeoGenomics' Perspective

As genomic technologies develop and mature, adoption moves from the research environment into the clinical setting.  Previously, where Sanger and qPCR were the most rational choices to commercialize a diagnostic, NGS has become the biomarker testing methodology of choice.  Additionally, other emerging technologies and platforms like NanoString are finding their way into clinical trials as well as routine diagnostics.  With advances in technology, biomarker testing strategies have also evolved with a trend toward higher order multiplexed technologies as well as cross modality testing from a single sample to understand correlations between DNA, RNA and protein markers.  More data may be over burdensome to analyze, while a focused assay may miss an opportunity for collecting potentially valuable data.  Without a straightforward “rule of thumb” for which genomics technology to use when, thoughtful consultation is required.  This presentation will discuss the various factors and consideration points for choosing a genomic biomarker testing strategy to support biomarker projects.

Presented by James Yen, Senior Scientific Manager, CDx Programs, NeoGenomics

Thursday, 25 June 2020 | 15:30 BST