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Preclinical Immuno-Oncology: Online

18 May 2022 |


18 May 2022


Immuno UK: In-Person

September 2022 |

London, UK

September 2022

London, UK

Designing & delivering innovative immunotherapies to transform cancer care.

Immuno US: In-Person

03 - 04 October 2022 |

San Diego, USA

03 - 04 October 2022

San Diego, USA

+ Digital Day: 05 October 2022 | Online

Discuss the latest strategies to harness the immune system for the development of innovative therapeutics

Tumour Microenvironment: Online

22 November 2022 |

Online: BST (UTC+1)

22 November 2022

Online: BST (UTC+1)

Upcoming Discussion Groups

Our monthly Discussion Groups are hosted by a panel of leading industry experts who explore some of the key issues facing the immuno industry today.

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Preclinical Modelling Strategies In Immuno-Oncology

Taking place January 24th 2022 l 3pm GMT (10am EST)

Discussion Topics:

  • Presentation: The Opportunities and Challenges of Preclinical Modelling, by Bonnie Hammer, Senior Vice President, R&D at Inverna   
  • Aligning goals with technologies in preclinical oncology studies 
  • Integrative tumour modelling approaches 
  • Decreasing rate of translational & clinical failures through advanced models 


Discussion Group Leaders:

  • Bonnie Hammer, Senior Vice President, R&D at Inverna 
  • Pellin Candarlioglu, Cell Biologist/ Bioengineer, Complex In Vitro Models, GSK

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Advancing Precision Cancer Immunotherapies

Taking place March 7th 2022

  • Presentation: “What are the regulatory changes going to be in Europe and the UK”?, by Patrick Fivey, Director, Precision Medicine Policy, AstraZeneca
  • Overcoming regulatory hurdles in IO 
  • Assessing the type of cancer to which immunotherapy will be most beneficial and implementing it in a personalised approach 
  • Exploring the evolution of effective precision immunotherapies 
  • Optimising response and minimising resistance 


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Potential Therapeutic Targets For Autoimmune Disease   

Taking place March 18th 2022 | 3pm GMT (10am EST)

Discussion Topics:

  • Presentation: New Molecular Entities Under Development in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus”, by Eleni Vritzali, Global Clinical Leader Rheumatology at Bayer  
  • Latest insights from novel cancer immunotherapies to inform autoimmune disease drug development 
  • Barriers to progress and strategies to address challenges in developing successful treatments 
  • Faster development times and novel trial designs to accelerate approval timelines 


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Translational Immuno-oncology & Biomarkers

Taking place April 8th 2022


‘The Value of In Vivo Imaging in the Clinical Development of IO Drugs,’ by Ian Wilson, Chief Executive Officer at ImaginAb

Discussion Topics:

  • Discovering and validating relevant biomarkers to facilitate rapid novel immunotherapy development 
  • Utility of biomarkers in preclinical and clinical drug development 
  • Unmet market needs: improving clinical translation and pharmacodynamic response 


Discussion Leaders:

  • Ian Wilson, Chief Executive Officer at ImaginAb
  • John Rossi, Head of Translational Medicine, SVP Research at Cero Therapeutics 


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Cell Therapy & Solid Tumour Therapy Development 

Taking place May 9th 2022

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Immunogenicity & Immunoassay Development 

Taking place June 1st 2022 |3pm GMT (10am EST)

Discussion Topics:

  • Presentation: “Risk Assessment and Bioanalytical Strategy to Assess Immunogenicity for Novel Biologics”, by Vibha Jawa, Executive Director at Bristol Myers- Squibb    
  • Developing robust immunogenicity prediction assays for  novel modalities  
  • Considerations for assay format, controls, variation and acceptance criteria  
  • Assessing immunogenicity of IO new therapeutic modalities 


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Reports and write-ups pertaining to previous Discussion Groups are available in our Insights section.

Previous Discussion Groups

October 2021

Join us for a one hour discussion on understanding the tumour microenvironment with advanced technologies. Our live event aims to bring together key opinion leaders discussing cutting-edge research into the area: from markers through to state of the art technologies to understanding immune response through to cell types of interests in tumour indications, do not miss out on attending the session to stay at the forefront of research.

Panel Discussion: Peripheral Markers To Help Understand The Tumour Microenvironment

  • What are the markers for the tumour microenvironment? 
  • Technologies for understanding immune response 
    – Multiplex technologies 
    – Multi-omics technologies 
  • Cell types of interests in tumour indications


Moderator: Paul Jones, Biomarkers Lead, UCB


John Rossi, Senior Vice President and Head of Translational Medicine, Cero Therapeutics 

Siddha Kasar, Clinical Translational Lead of Cell Therapies, Takeda 

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