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Tumour associated macrophages are critical drivers in cancer progression and metastasis. Clinical studies now suggest that changing polarisation of macrophages can significantly improve immuno-oncology response. Speaking with senior representatives from Verseau Therapeutics, Pathios Therapeutics, and Faron Pharmaceuticals, we delve into some of the latest techniques in macrophage targeting.
By Tia Byer |
16 November 2021
Autoimmunity & Immunology
Video Content
Hosted By Merck | Presented by Christine S. Falk, PhD., Full Professor for Transplant Immunology; Director, Institute of Transplant Immunology at Hannover Medical School
11 December 2020
Autoimmunity & Immunology
Audio Content
Join us to hear our favourite success stories in the field of immuno-oncology, from investment in oncolytic viruses to the discovery of new T cells
18 May 2020
Autoimmunity & Immunology
Speaker Spotlight
Sonia Feau, Associate Director Of Immunology, Oncorus
26 February 2020
Autoimmunity & Immunology
Written Q&A
Bonnie Hammer, Vice President of Biologics Development, Invenra, Inc
20 May 2019
Autoimmunity & Immunology
Video Content
Agnete Fredriksen, President & Chief Scientific Officer, Vaccibody
24 May 2018
Autoimmunity & Immunology

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