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Accelerating Immunological Discoveries with Database Integrations

Wednesday 28th October 2020 | 14:00 BST | 15:00 CET

Presented by Néstor Vázquez Bernat, PHD – Application Specialist at ENPICOM

Public databases with immune repertoire data contain a wealth of information on B and T cell receptors in different experimental settings. Researchers can explore and compare against these datasets to gain an in-depth understanding of their receptors of interest, or to enlarge the scope of their research project. For example, public databases have successfully been leveraged to learn about a receptors’ antigen specificity by matching the receptor CDR3 region, quickly scan receptor databases for previously patented sequences, and so much more.

With new sequences added on a daily basis, public data repositories are ever-expanding. However, the tooling required for efficient exploration of large-scale databases and especially the integration with in-house datasets has so far been lacking.

In this webinar, we will discuss how you can query your data against hundreds of millions of sequences that have been characterized by researchers worldwide. Discover how you can leverage public databases to efficiently learn more about your clones of interest and take your research to the next level.

  • How to address key challenges of working with large T and B cell receptor datasets
  • How to efficiently browse through internal and external Rep-Seq datasets in a code-free and scalable environment
  • How to compare your data against valuable repositories such as the IEDB and the VDJdb to gain additional understanding of your receptor sequences

Focused on gathering and analyzing customer requirements within relevant applications, Néstor is involved in client projects’ setup and execution. In addition, he is leading customer support at ENPICOM and oversees client onboarding.

Néstor did his Ph.D. at the Karlsson Hedestam group of Karolinska Institutet, in high-throughput repertoire sequencing applications to study B cell immunology. During his studies, he developed library preparation protocols for B cells in humans and non-human primates, with the goal to generate germline gene databases for immunoglobulins from the expressed immune repertoire. He also has expertise in antibody isolation from immunization samples for HIV-1 pre-clinical trials in non-human primates.

ENPICOM is an innovative bioinformatics software engineering company dedicated to supporting scientists in biopharma and academic research centers with groundbreaking products and customized solutions to improve and accelerate the discovery and development of novel immunotherapies and vaccines.

Leveraging a unique mix of biological knowledge, bioinformatics method development, and software engineering skills, ENPICOM developed the ImmunoGenomiX (IGX) Platform, an innovative platform to manage, store, analyze, visualize, and compare immune repertoire sequencing data from T and B cell receptors.

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