Upcoming Formulation & Delivery Events

Formulation & Delivery US: In-Person

11 - 12 October 2022 |

San Diego, USA

11 - 12 October 2022

San Diego, USA

Join leaders, experts and researchers at Formulation & Delivery US: In-Person, connecting global pharma, biotech and academia for high-level discussions on the latest innovations for biopharmaceutical development.

Pharmaceutical Lyophilization Symposium

08 November 2022 |

Online: GMT (UTC+0)

08 November 2022

Online: GMT (UTC+0)

An intensive 1-day meeting that delves into the latest in freeze-drying technologies and their application in drug formulation & delivery.

Blood-Brain Barrier Symposium

April 2023 |


April 2023


More Information Coming Soon

Formulation & Delivery UK: In-Person

May 2023 |

London, UK

May 2023

London, UK

RNA Therapeutics & Delivery US: In-Person

June 2023 |

San Diego, USA

June 2023

San Diego, USA

RNA Therapeutics & Delivery Europe: In-Person

September 2023 |

Berlin, Germany

September 2023

Berlin, Germany

More Information Coming Soon

Formulation & Delivery US: In-Person

October 2023 |

San Diego, USA

October 2023

San Diego, USA

More Information Coming Soon

Pharmaceutical Lyophilisation Symposium

November 2023 |


November 2023


More Information Coming Soon

Upcoming Discussion Groups

Our monthly Discussion Groups are hosted by a panel of leading industry experts who explore some of the key issues facing formulation & drug delivery research & development today.

Attendance to our Discussion Groups is available to members of our Formulation & Delivery Member Community. For more information about Membership, please click here.

Biotherapeutic Formulation Development

Taking Place September 2022

Discussion Group Leader:

Martinus Capelle, Scientific Director, Head of Technical Integrator at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Discussion Topics:

  • Protein Aggregation & Solubility Redesign

  • Vaccine Formulation & Logistics

  • Stability & Degradation Challenges

  • Applied Physics:  Mixing, Filling and Temperature Calculations

Patient Centric Design & Powder Inhalation Products

Taking Place October 2022

Discussion Group Leader:

Yamini Shah, Professor at L. M. College of Pharmacy

Discussion Topics:

  • Developing Powder Formulations – Challenges and Motivation

  • Particle Morphology: Size and Shape Effects on Delivery 

  • Patient Centricity

  • Clinical Trials: Challenges

  • Off-Target Effects

Novel Delivery Technologies
Taking Place November 2022

Discussion Group Leader:

Joel Richard, Chief Scientific Officer at Medincell

Discussion Topics:

  •         Bottlenecks & The Need for Innovation   
  •      Long Acting Injectables
  •          Blood-Barrier
  •          Intracellular Delivery
  •          Nanoparticles for Tumour Targeting 

Reports and write-ups pertaining to previous Discussion Groups are available in our In-Depth section.

Previous Discussion Groups

June 2022

Discussion Group Leader:

Michael Munson, Senior Research Scientist, Advanced Drug Delivery, AstraZeneca

Discussion Topics:

  • How to Develop Nanoparticles
  • Safety issues
  • Deigning Nanoparticles
  • Improving Delivery Efficiency

June 2022


Discussion Group Leader: 

Manoj Pal, Principal Scientist, Analytical & Formulation Development

Discussion Group Topics:

  • Stage appropriate methods, and their acceptance criteria for formulation dev and stability assessment
  • How to address the scenario of drifting method performance as process improvements are made (e.g. after USP or DSP process improvements) and how to deal with specifications.
  • Specification changes driven by characterization results in later stages of clinical development.

April 2022

Discussion Group Leader: Dr. Claudia Krichbaum – Principal Scientist Parenterals at Merck Healthcare 

Discussion Topics:

  • Platform cycles
  • Product temperature profile
  • Process analytic tools – choosing the right tools
  • Scale-up
  • Setting up a new manufacturing line
  • Characterization & Experiment Design
  • Cost and complexity of equipment
  • Handling and processing time
  • Product stability

March 2022

Discussion Group Leader: Fausto Artico, Global R&D Tech Head and Director of Innovation and Data Science at GSK


How the manufacturing industry needs to change for continuous manufacturing

Panel Discussion:

  • Safety & Predictability
  • Continuous Manufacturing: Success Stories
  • Retrospective: How Far Have We Come?
  • Challenges & Future Outlook

March 2022

Discussion Group Leader: Pavan Muttil, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, University of New Mexico


A Brief History of Inhalation Devices: Challenges and benefits of different device types


  • Smart Inhalers: The Future of Inhalation?
  • Cost / Benefit analysis: Smart inhalers
  • Patient Compliance & Adherence
  • Continuous manufacturing for dry powders

November 2021

Biologics-based medicines are an extremely promising avenue for therapeutics. Given their size, they are extremely sensitive once they enter the gastrointestinal system. For the launch of Oxford Global’s first Formulation & Drug Delivery Discussion Group, we are bringing together thought-leaders discussing the oral delivery of biologics; with an in-depth discussion pertaining to their permeability and bioavailability and explore which drugs are fit to be delivered orally emphasizing the importance of knowing the therapeutic area to target.

Presentation: Oral Delivery Of Biologics – Quo Vadis?  

Speaker: Patrick Garidel, Head of Process, Purification and Pharma Development, Biopharma, Boehringer Ingelheim

Panel Discussion: Oral Delivery of Biologics – Current Challenges & Opportunities

  • Scientific challenges for the oral delivery of biologics
  • Commercial drivers & demand
  • Bioavailability – getting the biologics through the membrane in a sufficient way, including permeability
  • What the future looks like for orally available biologics

Moderator: Patrick Garidel, Head of Process, Purification and Pharma Development, Biopharma, Boehringer Ingelheim


  • Shawn Davies, Head of Drug Delivery, BioPharmaceuticals Development, R&D, AstraZeneca
  • Joel Richard, Chief Technology Officer, Medincell
  • Robert Niiche, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, SmartTab

November 2021

The inhalation industry has recently benefitted from renewed interest in the inhaled administration of biologics. The potential for better respiratory and systemic delivery, as well as increased patient comfort, make the inhaled route an attractive proposition to deliver therapies. Our November discussion group brings together an exclusive panel of key opinion leaders discussing the key factors behind the market’s growth, research priorities, future outlook & how to overcome challenges in this exciting area.

Part 1: Presentation: History of Inhaled Biologics  

Speaker: David Cipolla, Vice President of Research, Insmed 

Part 2: Discussion: Advancing the Development & Delivery of Inhaled Biologics 

  • Inhaled biologics for respiratory and systemic delivery 
  • Inhaled vaccines 
  • Inhaled monoclonal antibodies 
  • Formulation and devices for inhaled biologics
  • Finding the right therapeutic modality 
  • Infectious diseases 
  • Immunotherapy

Carsten Erdhart, Professor in Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, Trinity College Dublin 

Francesca Buttini, Associate Professor, University of Parma 
Pavan Muttil, Associate Professor, University of New Mexico 

December 2021

What will be the future of innovative drug delivery? How can we improve on our formulation techniques & methods specifically for new modalities? How do we deliver the drugs that truly benefit patients and our society? Join our next discussion group taking a deep dive into exploring the landscape and engage with key opinion leaders for a focused session pertaining to formulating for innovative drug delivery routes.

Topic Areas:  Small Molecule Formulation & Delivery – New Modalities, Targeting and Approaches 

  • New modalities – how to formulate new modalities & optimizing patient benefits
  • Targeting 
  • Moving away from systemic delivery 
  • Long acting injectables 
  • Magic bullet 2021
  • Oral delivery of drugs 
  • From single digit bioavailability to double digit

Discussion Group Leaders:  

  • Rene Holm, Professor, University of Southern Denmark 
  • Mohamed ElSayed, Senior Research Fellow, Eli Lilly 

January 2022 

RNA-based therapeutics are cost effective, relatively easy to manufacture, and can target previously undruggable pathways. Join this month’s discussion group to meet key pioneers in the field and explore new ideas for delivering RNA drugs safely and effectively.

Topic Areas

  • Nucleic Acid Based Therapeutics
  • Delivery Technologies
  • Brain Delivery and Brain Targeting
  • Gene Targeting and Silencing
  • Therapeutic Agent Modification
  • Degradation, Stability, Circulation
  • Administration Methods
  • Therapeutic Potential
  • Translation
  • Safety
Discussion Group Leader:

Susan Rosenbaum, Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Lauren Sciences LLC


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